Jerri Cooper
July 2015


What happened to the pictures of books and DVDs in this month's Celebrate? The Library Corner author, Allison Fung, is on vacation so Jerri Cooper is filling in. Stay tuned for the pictures next month…

Summer Reading - From the Library Team 

Santa Clara City Library has summer reading programs for kids, youth and adults.  Go to their website ( to get the details and/or sign-up. In addition to reading or listening to books from the city library, you can read your personal choice of books, which may include books and audio books from the SCFBC Library. Jerri just finished a book in the Sisterchicks series and thought it was a delightful “summer read.” And there is a brood (i.e. flock) of Chicken Soup for the Soul series that would be easy summer reading. Don’t forget the Lily series for 5th and 6th graders. And elementary teacher Patti Victorson highly recommends the historical novels written by Morris. You can have your pick of your favorite genre; it could be missionaries, biographies, evangelists - we have many materials to choose from, including DVDs.

Book Nook Materials

As always, we fill the Book Nook in the Sanctuary Lobby with materials that correspond with Pastor Rich’s current sermon series. For July we will also have Americana books and DVDs. If you can’t find the book or movie you want in the Book Nook, it may be in the Library. You are welcome to come to the Library anytime the church office is open, Monday - Friday between 9:00am to 4:00pm.  If you desire special assistance from the library team, they are available in the Library on Friday mornings after 10:00am.

LibraryWorld Search for iPhone

I hope you are having success in using the online SCFBC Library search or the LibraryWorld Search for iPhone app. You can access the SCFBC Library database from the website. Click on the Library block then follow the directions to locate the book, CD or DVD you are searching for.. We process new books, DVDs and CDs into the library each week.

Thank you for enjoying the SCFBC Library!