Jerry Cintas
Property and IT Administrator
May 2016

Wouldn't it be great to say to your guest who you brought to church, "Hey want to grab a burger with me after worship?" This summer, we are bringing back the Sunday Grill. Every Sunday from May 15th to August 21st the grill will be fired up so we will be able to walk out of the sanctuary and follow our noses to the court yard / playground area for a barbecued meal. For a donation of $3.00 you can have a hamburger or hot dog (vegetarian options will also be available), a bag of chips, and a soda or water. First time guests will be provided a "free lunch" ticket. 

Sunday Grill is a great opportunity to invite your friends to hang out after worship and meet others at SCFBC. As part of the court Yard / playground remodel, we are experimenting with what it takes to provide an after-worship lunch every summer. We are looking at seating issues, shade, traffic flow, and perfecting the grilled burger. So stay tuned for more on this exciting opportunity on Sundays and imagine what it will be like when the new court yard is completed and you can be sitting and talking to your guests while the kids are happily playing on the new playground structure. Isn't it great to live in Santa Clara where the weather is beautiful?

Stay tuned for concept drawings for how the new court yard is going to be transformed into a beautiful park-like area with Sunday Grill as part of the plans.