Jerry Cintas
Director of Facilities
August 2016

Youth Room

The youth room remodel is continuing. Before installing the new layout we decided to insulate the walls, because the room gets so hot in the summer that we typically cannot use it. So the youth and mentors worked together to tear off the old sheetrock and get the walls ready for the insulation. We also started framing some of the new walls. The youth are having a great time helping out and learning some new skills.

Church Library

The church library is open in a new location. It is now next to the playground and open during the Sunday Grill. We have already had browsers after church checking out books. Special thanks to everyone who helped in the move: Jerri CooperJun LagmayRoss Payne, Kevin Prather, and Sharon Cintas.

The old library location is going to become the church's Conference Room. It will have a large conference table, new projector, new counter, new carpeting and paint. The room will be used for meetings and by large Life Groups that need table space. It will be ready for use in a couple of months.