Welcome to the SCFBC SHAPE Assessment

We're glad you've chosen to find out more about the ministries of Santa Clara First Baptist Church and yourself. This assessment is the basic introduction to service within our church family.

We've prepared and adapted several tools to help you discover and think through the five factors that make up who God has made you to be. These factors are: Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences and make up the acronym SHAPE:

  1. Spiritual Gifts: What has God supernaturally gifted me to do?
  2. Heart: What do I have passion for and love to do?
  3. Abilities: What natural talents and skills do I have?
  4. Personality: Where does my personality best suit me to serve?
  5. Experiences: Spiritual, Painful, Educational, Ministry experiences?

Upon the completion of this assessment, you will have a completed Spiritual Resume and may learn a little bit more about yourself and how God has gifted you to serve Him.

Some things you should know before getting started:

  • You will be provided a random user ID number at the beginning of the assessment. Please write the number down, as this is the only way you can then return to where you had left off at any time.
  • The assessment will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • Each section is broken out by the five factors that make up your S-H-A-P-E.
  • When the assessment is completed, you will have a Spiritual Resume! We recommend that you print out the resume for your records. A copy will be be emailed to you when you finish.
  • Once you are done press the "Submit Results" button at the bottom of your resume.
  • The sections under Experiences include painful experiences that may be difficult to share, and are optional, but if you believe that God has allowed those experiences in your life and you would be willing to share with others going through that same difficulty, please include them.
  • This assessment is simply a tool; it may surprise you at the completion or validate what you already know.