Pastor Jennifer Hammar
SPEEDway Children's Ministry
September 2013

From Heaven to Earth....and back again!

Flying sharks, helicopters, rockets, and water balloon launching were a part of the fun last month as the kids learned how God's power and love travels from Heaven to Earth.

August was the grand finale of our Summer Spectacular series "Exploring God's Love: By Sea, By Land, By Air." We took to the air as the kids learned stories of our Heavenly Father touching our lives here on Earth.

First, we learned how God provided quail and manna to His hungry people in the desert. Next, we learned how God revealed His angels at work here on Earth through Jacob's dream of the stairway to heaven. Last, we learned how the Father's house in heaven has many rooms, Christ is preparing a place for us, and it's up to us to accept the Lord's invitation of eternal life and love.

New Friends, New Possibilities

This summer has brought many new friends to the SPEEDway Children's Ministry and we are thrilled! New friends means new possibilities for volunteer involvement. In order to be as effective as possible in our nurturing of the children, we need new volunteers to step up. Please keep reading to see where you might be able to make a difference in a child's eternity.

Preschool Teachers

Our preschool class is exploding in size! With such a big blessing, we need more teachers. Curriculum, helpers, and adorable children provided.

Snack Zone & Craft Zone Leaders

Volunteers serve on rotation, leading either snack or craft zone activity of the day. Supplies, lessons and wonderful children provided each and every Sunday.

If you are interested in serving at the SPEEDway, contact Pastor Jennifer Hammar at or 408-241-7635.