Pastor Rich
September 2013

What you believe affects everything about your life. What you believe about God affects not only everything about your life but about your eternal destiny as well. That’s why the apostle Paul encouraged us in Romans 12 to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

On Sunday, September 15, I’ll begin a new message series entitled “Transforming Truths.” For eight weeks we’ll examine eight life-transforming truths about the God we worship and about our lives lived together as God’s family.

Here’s the list:

  • September 22 The Father who rules
  • September 29 The Son who saves
  • October 6 The Spirit who empowers
  • October 13 The Bible that enlightens
  • October 20 The Church that serves
  • October 27 The Life that worships
  • November 3 The Prayers that change everything

What you believe really matters! See if what you currently believe (and act upon) is in line with the wonderfully encouraging and empowering truths of God.