Pastor Jennifer Hammar
Associate Pastor
October 2013


"SPEEDway Labs", our new Kids' Worship series uses the fun of science experiments to explore the effect of living out our faith. Set in the laboratory of a Mad Scientist (that would be me!), the series includes hands-on science experiments, research into what we believe about God, and faith experiments to see what happens when we apply what we believe to how we live. SPEEDway Labs is the children's ministry version of the current sermon series, Transforming Truths..


Each week in the Bible Zone, the kids are learning the basic and fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. Most importantly, we discuss what it looks like to apply our faith to our lives. The children are given a "faith experiment" for the coming week in which they apply what they believe, and then observe the results. For example, in week 1 we learned that "God is Love. Therefore, we will love others." Their faith experiment for that week was to show God's love to someone new every day.


Kids are naturally curious, which is why most kids love science. When you add some hands-on experiments, they're hooked! We're using science experiments to reinforce the lessons. When we taught the lesson that "God is Good," we did an experiment with oil and water. The kids tried to mix oil and water, and found that it was impossible. This helped the kids understand that God is 100% good and 0% evil. God and evil do not mix! This science lesson was reinforced in the Craft Zone where the kids used oil, water, food coloring and alka-seltzer to make their own lava lamps!


If you want your kids to squeeze out as much awesomeness as possible on a Sunday morning, then bring them to Sunday School! Starting at 9:00am every Sunday, we have classes for all ages. These age-specific classes are a wonderful opportunity for disciples and they're fun! Here is a list of the Sunday school classes and teachers for the SPEEDway:
Ages 0-2 (Nursery): Mary Wong
Ages 3-4 (Preschool): Andrea Murray
Grades K/1: Bill Wright and Pat Graham
Grades 2-5: Pastor Jenny and Ken Leisten

Don't miss out on a great learning experience. Come to Sunday School this Sunday!