Michael Depew
2013 Property Deacon
January 2014

What an exciting year it was for our church campus. Major improvements included a exterior paint job, stucco work, lawn repairs, and new landscaping in the front of the Sanctuary parking lot. All of these have improved our curb appeal will make our church more attractive to our guests.

Projects completed in late 2013

  • Exterior Nursery wall repaired
  • Fellowship Hall roof repaired
  • New Sanctuary parking lot landscaping installed
  • Exterior of all campus buildings painted
  • Fellowship Hall restroom toilets repaired
  • Smoke alarm batteries replaced

Upcoming 2014 Projects

  • New door signs are being designed to help identify all of our rooms throughout our campus. These should be installed early in 2014.
  • Ed Wing Restrooms project is on schedule to start in January 2014.
  • Rain gutters will be installed this month.
  • A new church sign with raised letters is to be installed on the new landscaping rock wall.
  • Plans for the AT&T cell tower are being reviewed.

General Repairs

If you see something that is broken or not working correctly, please contact the church office so the repairs can be promptly scheduled.

Property Team

Jerry Cintas, Mike Depew, Steve Erling and Pastor Rich will continue to meet as a team to discuss future projects. Some of the new projects currently under consideration are updating the children’s playground area and Fireside Room in the Fellowship Hall.

Thanks to everyone who continually gave of their time, talents and treasure to help improve our campus property this past year.