Pastor Jennifer Hammar
Associate Pastor
February 2014

SPEEDway Family Ministries

Who has the most significant spiritual impact on your child? You may be surprised to hear it's not Sunday school teachers or pastors who have the biggest impact on a child's spiritual path. It's the parents. Parents have biggest spiritual influence and impact on their children. Therefore, the SPEEDway children's ministry is committed to equipping and resourcing parents to help them be as effective as possible in nurturing the faith of their children.

Families in the Word

I believe the most important part of helping parents nurture their child's faith is getting families into the habit of reading the Bible and praying together at home. As part of Kids' Worship, we are sending families home with a HOME ZONE page. The HOME ZONE includes a recap of the lesson learned that day,and includes Scriptures for the parent to read with their child along with questions to consider and discuss.

Another way we are encouraging families to spend time in the Word at home is through the Story Time Families Life Group. This is Family Life group based on the E-100 reading plan. Parents and children will read the weekly passages together. When the group meets we'll have a short discussion of what was read, then enjoy snacks and games together.

Family Fun

Another important part of ministering to families is creating opportunities for families to have fun together. Throughout the year, SPEEDway will be putting together family parties for the single purpose of having fun! On January 26th the families gathered together in the Fellowship Hall after worship for the Family Baking and Racing Party. After eating lunch together, the families enjoyed baking cookies and racing remote control cars.