Jerri Cooper
March 2014

Please join us for the Library Team Life Group that meets Fridays at 9am for a work session.  We will train people to process materials into the library and work to maintain the continuity that has been   established with providing materials in the Book Nook each sermon series as needed. You can sign up for the Library Team Life Group on-line or just join us on Friday mornings starting at 9am. We have had two successful mornings working in the library. Email Jenny Gregg at or Jerri Cooper at if you have questions.

The books and DVDs in the Book Nook have been updated to reflect the life of Jesus. Pastor Rich’s sermons will be about Jesus in our lives, how he loves us and how you can talk to Him without ceasing because He cares. There are DVDs also about WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). As always, books and DVDs can be borrowed from the Book Nook or from the library. You are welcome to visit the library to see the entire collection during regular office hours Monday through Thursday; just check in with the office and they will open it up for you. Or on Fridays, come in when the Library Team Life Group is meeting and we will be happy to show you around.