Youth Staff
March 2014


In February, the youth continued their series on the Sermon on the Mount.  We have continued to be challenged by the words of Jesus in the way we use our words, the way we treat others, and the way we love those who don't love us.

At the end of February, the Element Jr. High group began meeting on Wednesdays, joining the High School group.  We are trying out this new format leading up to our Childhood Lost event, where we will learn about children in this world struggling in forced labor situations.  (More about that below.)  After this event, we might continue to meet as one unified group of High School and Junior High.

Driftwood Challenge

We had a great time with the kids at Stevens Creek Reservoir building crazy driftwood sculptures. The reservoir is extremely low right now and all the driftwood that was in the water is up on the shores, making for perfect building materials.  The girls built a cool cabin structure with a water well outside of it.  The rest of the group built a really tall windmill.  We don't know if the structures are still standing or not, but it definitely spruced up the area with a little touch of local art.

Childhood Lost

Friday March 21st - Saturday March 22nd the youth are coming together to spend a night in the fellowship hall and experience what it is like for some children who have been forced into labor agreements or trafficked.  The overnight event will be a time of education and experience.  We are also raising money to send to World Vision, who is putting together a campaign to prevent these situations from happening. We encourage you to ask a youth or youth leader how you can financially help.

Upcoming EVENTS
March 21-22 - Childhood Lost
April 5 - Mountain Hike
May 2-3 - Planet Wisdom Conference 

Your Youth Staff: Mark, Kirsten, Matt, Kim, Jerry, Andrew, Mary, Jenny and Danijela.