Pastor Rich
Transitioning Pastor
April 2014

As many of you have heard through our church's prayer chain, Pastor Jenny continues to suffer under the effects of an on-going migraine headache.  She recently took two weeks off using medical leave to see if that would break the pain cycle.  While some relief was gained, the headache remained.

Therefore Pastor Jenny will proceed with a more aggressive treatment in the coming week.  Her neurologist has prescribed a 3-5 day "infusion" treatment using a special drug noted for its ability to knock down migraines.  This treatment will require her to be hospitalized for this period of time at El Camino Hospital.  Again our prayer is that this treatment will help her turn a corner towards full health.

In addition when Pastor Jenny returns to work it will be at half time for the foreseeable future.  She will concentrate on the children's ministry, our outreach to Scott Lane Elementary School and some contributions to our graphics productions.  The plan is to ease her back into a full time position gradually if her health will allow it.

Please continue to uplift Pastor Jenny, her husband Jon and their children Jason and Josie in your prayers.