Pastor Rich
Transitioning Pastor
May 2014

Every now and then an opportunity comes our way to help us get significantly better at something.  In the case of those involved in Christian ministry and mission The Global Leadership Summit is one such event.

As many of our current church leaders have experienced before, The Global Leadership Summit sponsored by the Willow Creek Association brings together top-flight men and women from across the leadership spectrum to share their minds and hearts and guide us into becoming persons of greater influence for the Kingdom of God.

This year's speaker lineup includes:

  • Tyler Perry - a filmmaker, actor and philanthropist
  • Susan Cain - author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking
  • Patrick Lencioni - a Summit favorite who speaks on making your organization more effective
  • and of course, Bill Hybels - founder and Senior Pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church

For the full lineup go to the Summit website.

If you would like to see a recap of last year's Summit experience, check it out below:

This year the dates are August 14-15, 2014.  Plan now to attend.  Registration information is available through the church office at 408-241-7635 or