Jerry Cintas
Property and IT Administrator
June 2014

We have been working hard this month to keep the property up to tip top shape.  Other than the lawns which have taken a beating from the heat spell and reduced watering because of the drought, the property is still looking appealing to our guests and people in our neighborhood.

Playground Border

In preparation for the Sunday Grill in June we have removed the playground border. It wasn't really serving its purpose that well on keeping the tan bark in the playground and was more of a tripping hazard and eye-sore.   It actually looks quite nice without it there and will now allow us more accessibility in and out of the playground during the afternoon BBQ lunches.

Parlor Air Conditioning

We are currently evaluating what it would take to add a separate system to provide air conditioning and heat to the sanctuary parlor, front lobby, and restrooms.  We currently have heat in those areas but have to control it from the office.  The new proposal would have a local thermostat control in the lobby and will be a lot more flexible for the many times we use those areas during the week.

The Church Sign is Gone

The old illuminated church sign that was on the front lawn since the early '80s was recently removed and donated to the Resurrection Lutheran Church on Cabrillo Ave in Santa Clara. Pastor Bill from the Lutheran church and Lloyd Darknell helped in the removal and it might be seen in front of that church someday in the future. 

Playground Remodel

We are still working hard on the design for the new playground park area plans that will completely transform the current playground area in to a beautiful mutli-use park-like setting. In order to understand how much this renovation will cost we need to design the playground equipment, sitting areas, paths, trees, lighting, drainage, grass areas, etc. Shown below are the latest 3D renderings. This whole project is a long process and will require some fund raising, so ground breaking might be summer 2015 at the earliest.