Ellen Imhof
August 2014

Christmas at Sea is a wonderful ministry of the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate to the many crew members of cargo ships that come into the Port of Oakland during the year and gives SCFBC a chance to present Christ in a special way. Seafarers travel for months at a time and find it difficult to be away from home during the Christmas holidays. A small gift reminds them that they are not forgotten by us, and most of all, not forgotten by Christ.

Every September "ditty bags" are filled with small items that the men can use during their time at sea. The bags are made. Now they need to be filled!

Suggestions for gifts (regular sized items only; hotel/sample sizes cannot be used):

Toothpaste ~ Toothbrushes ~ Shaving cream ~ Nail clippers ~ Deodorant ~ Razors ~
Hand Lotion ~ Chap-stick ~ Small first aid kits ~ Gloves ~ Knitted caps ~ Warm socks ~ Travel size games ~ Small flashlights with batteries ~ Hard wrapped candy ~
AA size batteries ~ Aftershave ~ Writing paper & envelopes ~  36" shoe strings

During the month of August a box will be located in the Sanctuary Lobby to collect any items you can give for this special ministry.  Thank you for being generous!!  Any questions? Call the church office at 408-241-7635 or email Virginia Newcomb at virginia@scfbc.org