Chuck & Barbara Chicks
September 2014


American Baptist International Ministries (IM) celebrated its 200th anniversary in late July by hosting a special World Mission Conference at Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin. The American Baptist Foreign Missions Society, which began in 1814 and is now known as International Ministries, has Baptist partners in 74 countries. Three SCFBC members, Gladys McFarland and Chuck and Barbara Chicks attended this spectacular event along with hundreds and hundreds of other participants from across the nation and around the world.

All IM missionaries were brought to the US and more than 100 leaders from IM partners and worldwide Baptist groups came as invited guests. The workshops and meals together allowed opportunities to meet and speak with missionaries, fellow Baptists and guests from many nations. Bible studies, worship services and evening programs featured a different area of the world each day: Asia; Africa and the Middle East; Ibero-America and the Caribbean; Europe. These gatherings were held in a 1200 seat tent which was often full.

The morning devotions were given by new missionaries who are preparing to go to various missionfields. They included three families who each have four young children. One such family, Kyle and Katrina Williams and children, will be going to The Democratic Republic of the Congo to work with Glen and Rita Chapman, missionaries supported by SCFBC. Glen is looking forward to their arrival.

It was exciting to learn about all the places where IM missionaries serve and the various types of ministries they perform. Some train new pastors, some work in agriculture, others are doctors or nurses, teachers, or workers with women. Many do several jobs as they live, educate and work with the nationals, equipping them to continue God’s work in their own country and culture. 

As an illustration of various forms of worship, the conference concluded with a Georgian Eucharistic Liturgy, led by the Baptist Bishop from the country of Georgia -- a very different communion service.

Gladys, Barbara and Chuck would be glad to share more about this inspiring conference with you.