Jerry Cintas
October 2014

In September we once again brought our very popular Lego table to the Art and Wine Festival in Santa Clara's Central Park. Each year thousands of people come to the festival to browse the art vendors' booths and sample the wines. The Lego booth provides us a great opportunity to meet the community and at the same time offer a creative art project for the kids.

At the start of the festival we started with a large empty green Lego board and asked the kids who walked by to help us build and add their Lego sculptures.  The kids' eyes grew big as soon as they walked into the booth and saw the thousands of available Lego bricks to use. They built cars, towers, houses, airplanes and more, and the sculptures on the table grew and grew.

After two days of building by hundreds of different artists, our once empty Lego table had a beautiful work of art on it.  And while the kids were continuing to build, SCFBC volunteers took the opportunity to talk with their parents about our church.  We collected emails from parents by offering a free Lego set giveaway and gave a Lego piece with our website address on it to those who passed by.

Chris McLenegan put together the following Time Lapse video for viewing: