Jerry Cintas
Property and IT Administrator
October 2014

The property department has been very busy with updating the Santa Clara First Baptist Church campus this year. Reconfiguring rooms, signage, and landscaping have been the focus for the last couple of months in order to bring our campus up to date and make it more user friendly for our congregation and visitors alike.

New Signage

On the parking lot side of the Fellowship Hall wall we now have a new sign to welcome people coming from Kiely Blvd towards the church.  This project was in conjunction with our new sign at the sanctuary entrance and the removal of our old sign that was located on the lawn.

New Quilt Room

We have finally found a nice purpose for the choir room which hasn't been used since the choir stopped meeting four years ago.  The choir room is now the Quilt Room and both the Quilting Ministry and the American Baptist Women (ABW) use the room for their ministries.  Their former location, Rooms 19 and 20, will become the SCFBC Library in 2015 (see below).

Children's Restrooms Progress

The children's restroom remodel which is long overdue ran into multiple roadblocks along its renovation journey.  The latest holdup was the lack of adequate water pressure to the restrooms due to rusty galvanized water supply lines located in the playground area.  Those lines were replaced the last week of September and although the decorations, mirrors, and partition roofs are not totally complete, the restrooms will open for use on October 5th. The rest of the remodel will continue as we decorate.

Giving Room Relocation

We have also remodeled Room 23 next to the choir room with new carpet and paint making it the new location of the Giving Room and Food Pantry. The previous Giving Room location (Room 30) will be turned into a general purpose meeting room for Life Groups and Sunday School classes. We are trying to make rooms that are near the parking lot available for evening Life Groups.

Pastor's Office Updating

With some generous financial gifts from our congregation we have purchased some new furniture for the Pastor's office.  As part of the updated furniture, the lighting was improved with ceiling can lights and a new pendant. Thanks to Jun Lagmay and Lloyd Darknell for their assistance in this project.

Children's Ministry Craft Room

img-54364.jpgAs part of the Children's facilities updates, we have installed new shelves and plastic bins for the Room 12 Kids Craft Room in the Fellowship Hall. There was a huge mismatch of different styles of shelves and bins, creating a lack of usable space. The new shelves and bins look great and are more organized for the teachers to find their needed craft supplies.

Library Move

In 2015 we plan to move the Library from its current location (Rooms 31/32) to the old Quilt Room location (Rooms 19/20).  An updated layout with a book stack room, a meeting room, and new decor will make this new location an inviting place to browse and check out books.