Jerry Cintas
Facilities Director
November 2014

Kids Restrooms are Open

The children's restrooms on the CE wing have been open for a few weeks and the kids are enjoying using the lowered sinks, motion faucets, and low toilets.  There is some decorating going on in the girl's restroom with a cat theme and there will be more major decorating to come for both restrooms.

New Gazebo

A new gazebo is now sitting on the bare patch of land near the office as part of a need from Bethlehem and a campus improvement.  The gazebo was funded by Bethlehem and will be used as a central prayer and information area where speakers at Bethlehem can direct guests following their presentations. Throughout the year the area will be furnished with outdoor chairs and a table and be used for life groups and staff meetings. Thank you to Mike Depew for coordinating the work done on the concrete pad.

Roof Updates

As part of Virginia Gehman's memorial gift there was a portion that was designated for roof repairs. We quickly contacted roofing contractors and work has been completed on repairing broken portions of the roof and applying overlays in some of our worst areas.

Nursery Remodel

Another portion of Virginia Gehman's memorial gift will be used to completely remodel the nursery.  Walls will be moved and a new layout will be constructed with new counters, flooring, lighting, air conditioning, heater, and decor.  Work will hopefully start this year and continue into next year.  A portion of the nursery will be cordoned off as a temporary nursery during construction.

Room 30

Room 30 is where the Giving Room once was located before it was moved to a room on the back side of the sanctuary building. We are currently in process of finishing up the decor for that room with some new couches and it will soon be available as a Life Group and/or Sunday School room with convenient access to the parking lot.  The signage is currently being updated to reflect these room changes.

New Lift

This year we sold our aging scissor lift that was purchased during the sanctuary renovation and put that money into buying a smaller man-lift.  The new lift is lighter to move into tight areas, runs on AC power, and tall enough to safely get us where we need.  It will be stored in the Room 18 chair storage room.

Bible and Hymnal Storage

We also purchased some used shelves and now nicely store the pew Bibles and pew hymnals in the Room 18 chair storage room. This area is adjacent of the sanctuary so that these items can be easily accessed during special events.