Jerry Cintas
November 2014

For the past nine years the Impact Young Adult group has organized an annual trip to San Francisco bringing warm clothing to the people living on the streets in the Tenderloin district.  Partnering with Neighborhood Bible Church of San Jose, we collect and hand out clothing items and pray with the people living on the streets.  High school students, singles, adults, and families have all participated in the past and been a part of seeing first hand the people and communities that struggle to survive daily in San Francisco.  The people are very happy to receive assistance and prayer from a group of people making "Love thy neighbor" a reality.

This year's trip is scheduled for Sunday, November 30th.  We will meet in the sanctuary lobby at 4:00pm, sort through all of the clothing items and place them in labeled garbage bags.  We will then carpool to the Millbrae BART station and take BART to the Civic Center station in San Francisco.  Upon our arrival, we will divide into four teams and go in different directions from the station looking for people in need.  When we find someone in need, we will offer them an item or two from our bags and ask if they would like prayer. We return around to SCFBC by 11:00pm.

Donations of jackets, socks, beenies and more warm clothing to take to San Francisco are being collected in the sanctuary lobby until November 30th. This is a great opportunity to ask your friends and neighbors if they have any items that they would like to donate. Be mindful that children's and women's clothing and bright colorful items are not as acceptable as adult dark items. We also need people to join us and help carry the bags of clothing. In the past we have had to leave items behind because we couldn't carry everything. For more information, contact Jerry Cintas at