Susi Reaves
Interim Director of SPEEDway Children's Ministry
April 2015


If there is an infant, toddler or young child in your home and you’ve not yet had the opportunity to dedicate yourselves as parents to raise them to know and love the Lord, I invite you to do so at the FAMILY DEDICATION during the Mother’s Day worship service on May 10th.  In preparation for that special event, plan to come to a mandatory parents’ meeting in Room 30 (on the sanctuary parking lot side of the campus) at 9:15am on Sunday, April 26th. Pastor Rich and I will be meeting with you at that preparatory meeting.  If possible, please let us know you will be coming before April 24th.


Attention parents...Especially those of you who have pre-teens and teenagers living in your home!  Fearful of losing control? Afraid of your kids exposure to violence and frightening influences on TV, internet, cell phones and video games? What about their day to day life with bullying and cyber-bullying, drugs, alcohol, crazy stuff all around us? Concerned about depression and suicide? Are your kids overwhelmed with academic pressure and rebelling? Is your whole family life out of balance? You best be concerned because our world is FULL of terrifying people, influence, events, ideas…. “if you are not afraid…you are not paying attention.”

After reading Diana Sterling's book, The Parent as Coach Approach, and speaking with her by phone, I am thrilled that Santa Clara First Baptist will have this amazing opportunity to host a Diana's “Parent as Coach” all-day seminar on Saturday, May 30th.

Diana was a part of SCFBC during her later teen years and now is CEO of Diana Sterling International. She and her husband, Bill, worshiped with us last summer during the time they temporarily resided in this area before relocating to Las Vegas where their business is headquartered. That's when I got to know Diana, heard about her coaching, and determined that SCFBC needed to host her seminar in order to reach out to parents of pre-teens and teens in our area.

Here are some recommendations from previous participants:
“The insights and tools that Diana and Bill share in their seminars are rich, powerful and surprisingly simple. And when embraced, they promise to help you be the person and the parent that you want to be.”
Dr. Geoffrey Hsu, Missions Pastor, San Diego, California

“Diana and Bill provide solutions! RUN – do not this life and TEEN as well as CHILD transforming seminar!”
Frederick Marx, Academy Award Nominee Hoop Dreams

Save the day and look for more information to be presented in the next few weeks. It’s a special event that you will not want to miss out on participating in and a great opportunity to invite other parents experiencing life with teens.  For more information about the Parent As Coach Approach, check out Diana’s website at