Jerry Cintas
Director of Facilities
May 2015

We are continually looking for ways to make our campus more usable by the congregation, look better for first time visitors, and be maintained from aging. It takes a lot of work with 50-year old buildings but the results are looking great.

Nursery Status

The nursery remodel is moving along.  The walls have been floated and paint and tile were placed the last week of April.   Lighting fixtures and carpet will be installed next. We have also contracted with a cabinet maker to make the custom cabinets for the room.

Fireside Room Remodel

The Fireside Room remodel phase 1 is finished and includes a flat screen TV on the wall, sound system, and movable benches. New carpet, paint and lighting also help make this a welcoming room where the SPEEDway kids meet to worship. Eventually we will be doing a full remodel with the accordion door replaced with a solid wall and doors, kids stage, colored lights and projection screen.  Thanks to Linda and Carl Sweet for building the cool cross for the room.

Preschool Room Improvements

The preschool room has gotten a face lift and fresh colors.  Jun Lagmay volunteered his time to repaint the room and Lloyd Darknell updated the electrical finishes.  Julie Pozzi and Helena Evora added new monkey decals to the walls.  The room looks great! Check it out.

Room 13 Changes

Room 13 in the Fellowship Hall is getting a new wall. The old wall was poorly built and didn't align with the main wall. We have also moved the door and made it bigger.  The new door location and making the wall flush will allow us to install acoustic panels on the wall next year to help reduce the noise volume in the Fellowship Hall. Adam Burdick is helping with this project.

New Fence

Our playground area will be getting a new fence and gates in a few weeks. This is part of our playground/courtyard remodel that will be phased in over the next couple of years.  We have been raising money for this project with the rummage sale and gifts from others who have donated and we have enough funds to purchase the fence.  It will be a black steel fence similar to the one on the high school campus across the street and will greatly improve our curb appeal and define the new courtyard area. The next phase will be to put a concrete walkway between the sanctuary and fellowship hall once the funds become available.

K-1 Classroom's New TV

Mr Bill's K-1 classroom has a new wall mounted TV that can be used with his multimedia lessons each week.  Thanks to Lloyd Darknell for helping with mounting and the electrical work.  The youth room had two TVs and we used one of those for this project.