Pastor Rich
Transitioning Pastor
June 2015

A few weeks ago I spoke of the need for our church to be laser focused on the priorities of God.  Think what SCFBC would be like if all of its people were "of the same mind and heart, working together for the expansion of God's Kingdom?"  That's what Paul hoped for the church at Philippi.  That's what I hope for our church as well.

What would this look like in real life?  Here is the list I gave the congregation.  See how many of these questions you can affirm for yourself.

  1. 1. I am committed to my personal growth as a disciple of Jesus at SCFBC
  2. 2. I am praying for specific people who don’t yet know Christ personally
  3. 3. I am looking for ways to engage them in spiritual conversations
  4. 4. I invite people to come with me to appropriate SCFBC events (Bethlehem, Trunk or Treat, Homeless outreach, etc.)
  5. 5. I am vitally committed to the mission and goals of SCFBC
  6. 6. I pray regularly for the life and mission of SCFBC
  7. 7. I am committed to my personal growth in Christ by participating in small groups that will lead to increasing maturity
  8. 8. I am more interested in contributing to SCFBC than in getting something out of it
  9. 9. I am seeking how I can become more involved in specific ministries and mission projects at SCFBC
  10. 10. I am invested in making SCFBC effective through the generous support of my financial resources

Ask God to give you a laser focus on these priorities for His church.  Which of these can you work on right now?