Susi Reaves
Interim Director of SPEEDway Children's Ministry
July 2015

The Nursery renovation should be completed by the end of July! It was a year ago that our Nursery Team Leader, Mary Wong, and I visited the nursery facilities of a large local church. We were inspired and “got with the program” with the help of our Facilities Director, Jerry Cintas.  The temporary nursery has been in Room 21 since the beginning of February and in the past four months our nursery has tripled in attendance, so we are more than ready to move to our larger space. 

Because of the growth in the numbers of babies and toddlers using our Nursery, there is always room for more caregivers for this age group.  If you have loving arms to share with our youngest ones attending SCFBC, contact Mary Wong at

Our Preschool class is having lots of fun with the VeggieTale gang this summer. Each Sunday, they’ve gone to the “movie room” (the K-1 class) to watch a short VeggieTale video and do lots of fun activities that help them better understand the day's lesson.  In June they learned about Thankfulness and in July the lessons will focus on Courage.

The K-5th graders continue to work on their musical “Praise Rocks”  which they will present to the church in the morning worship service on August 23rd.  Each Sunday, the elementary aged children have a Bible lesson that teaches about the subject of a song from the musical and create banner posters, sets or their rock costumes. Trisha Cooley is our choreographer and David Lageschulte is helping the kids learn their songs.  And between 10:00-10:30, Raissa Mbassa and Serge Mbassa oversee the outdoor recreation and snack break for the kids before we begin our musical prep time during the worship hour.
Make plans now to be present for our musical on August 23rd. It will be a special time as the children teach the church about praising God at all times.