Susi Reaves
Interim Director of SPEEDway Children's Ministry
July 2015

Richard and I went to see the movie 'Inside Out' on its opening day. It’s a wonderful movie well worth your time and money, especially if you have children elementary age or older. (It might be a little over the heads of younger children.) 

As I watched the movie and thought about it afterwards, I was reminded that parents and grandparents can use a story like this one to talk about some important life concerns and spiritual lessons with their children. Then Mary Wong, our Nursery Team Leader, shared the following blog with family discussion guide suggestions. (If you haven’t already seen the movie, be aware of some spoiler alerts in this article.)   One valuable lesson that was immediately evident for me was how facts and opinions all get mixed up in one box when they originally started off being separated; how often we experience that in our lives!

Don't let your kids watch movies and TV shows alone. I encourage you to take time to watch them together and use the opportunities presented to discuss some valuable life lessons with your children.