Jerry Cintas
Director of IT and Facilities
September 2015


Well it took seven months, but all the work was worth it!  The completely remodeled Nursery opened on August 23rd, and the kids and the parents love it.  The new design centered around the premise that we don't want the parents to see a room cluttered with toy storage and supplies.  We wanted to visually obscure those areas so that the nursery space would appear clean and open.  By moving some walls and adding others, we were able to hide the sinks and changing tables and add toy cubbies that are not visible from the new entryway.  Many cabinets and drawers were added to store extra toys and supplies and keep them safely from the children when not in use.  We also were able to take full advantage of the new windows and AC/Heater units that were installed in all the classrooms.  Come check out the rooms any Sunday.

We had many volunteers help on this project, and without them the costs would have sky- rocketed. Their creativity and hard work shows.  Lloyd Darknell, Jun Lagmay, Duane Esquibel, Adam Burdick, Sharon Cintas, Steve Erling, Mary Wong, Kimberly Stephens, Linda Sweet and Susi Reaves all contributed in different ways to put all the pieces together.  


The Kindergarten/1stGrade room has recently been updated.  This class is taught by Bill Wright and Pat Graham, and their room needed a face lift.  The wall heater and accordion door once used to divide the classroom were removed and the walls were repaired, Jun Lagmay painted the entire room, and new baseboards, outlets and door closers were added.  Plus some of the aging furniture items were replaced.  This is all in preparation for the kids to start using the class in September.


A special thanks to Larry VanGroningen for donating the money to pay the guys from the company he works at (Bay Area Tree Specialists) to trim back the bottle brush trees in the Fellowship Hall parking lot.  They also did a great job of cleaning up the trimmings and the parking lot.