Dr. Wungreiso Valui
Senior Pastor
December 2015

Make Relationship A Priority

Make this Christmas season about connecting with God and building relationship with people. The root of our relationship is Jesus Christ. The genesis of a spiritual community is the triune God. Without Jesus there cannot be “One Body.” Deep spiritual relationship with God and humankind begins with the creation and incarnation. God became man. The Son of God came of flesh to dwell with us. Are you in relationship with Jesus? Christmas is about relationship more than the gifts and festivities.

Make The Gospel Relevant

Let your life reach out to people. Joy is contagious. The good news is the greatest news and it gives the only real joy. Share the joy. The incarnation of Jesus, the son of God in human flesh is an eternal miracle. This supernatural miracle was demonstrated in the natural world. God dwelled among humankind, the supernatural as natural. You have heard people say, “How do we present Christ to those who have no need for God?” It is daunting and challenging to think about reaching to our families who are self-sufficient and have no need for God. It is daunting to think about reaching out to our wealthy neighbors who have everything. That is the reason why we need a miracle. Jesus said to His disciples “Rejoice your name is written in the book of life.”

Make The Season Redemptive

Be ready for 60 seconds conversation about why you believe in Jesus. Make the elevator conversation matter and make the case why people should consider Jesus as an option. Readiness can lead to redemptive conversation. Will you set aside time to put together 60 seconds story of why you follow Jesus? Bethlehem is right around the corner. Thousands of people will come to the live show to watch the listen the Christmas story. You may run into someone who wants to know why you believe in Jesus. Are you ready to tell the story? The four “Advent Series” is designed to add to your redemptive conversation:

  • 1.The Relevant Prophet Of Hope
  • 2.The Relational Priest Of Love
  • 3.The Radical Prince Of Peace
  • 4.The Redemptive Promised Joy

At Santa Clara First Baptist Church we have put together an Advent Series to present the “Ancient-Present-Future” truth that Jesus is relevant, relational, radical and redemptive. The Messiah’s ministry as the prophet, priest and prince is relevant in this present culture and context. The advent season begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is a season of joyous anticipation. Advent means “Coming.”

Are we there ye