Jerri Cooper
February 2016

Library Corner

The FREE BOOK giveaway was so successful! More than 250 books were picked up and given new homes. Enjoy the reading and remember there are more Christian books, DVD’s, study CD’s in the library for you to borrow!

PLEASE continue to excuse our mess! You may have noticed there are piles and boxes of books in the library. We are in the process of reorganizing and replacing outdated books prior to the move. That was the source of most of the FREE BOOKS.

Moving to Room 19-20? Jerry says yes the move is on schedule after a few other little projects get done. Then he needs to upgrade the lighting, spackle, paint and other things before the shelves are emptied and moved from Rooms 30-31.

LibraryWorld Search for iPhone: I hope you are having success in using the on-line SCFBC Library look-up or by using the LibraryWorld Search for iPhone app. You can access the SCFBC Library database from the website. Click on the Library block, then on the next screen click on the “Search Here” block. If you know the name of the book or it’s author you can enter it into the blue rimmed box and click on the blue box to see if it is available in the SCFBC Library.