Jerry Cintas
Facilities Director
April 2016

Library Progress

The library is being relocated into rooms 19 and 20 which are located off of the playground.  We finished the painting and carpet and have moved the book shelves in.

Additional shelves have been ordered and will be installed when they arrive.  Jerri Cooper and the library team are busy organizing the books on the new shelves.  There is still some new furniture to be purchased and lighting changes that need to take place before it reopens.  Thank you to Kevin Prather and Ross Payne for helping with moving the shelves.

Storage Room

Progress is continuing on the remodel of the fellowship hall table storage room (Room 14). Kevin Prather and Ross Payne have been a big help on building the new walls and installing the sheet rock.  Once the room is complete we will use it store rummage sale items, and be temporary storage for the youth room as it begins to be remodeled.

Office Heating and Air

We have finally replaced the original office furnace that dated back to 1969 with a new energy efficient heater and air conditioner.  This project has been on the list for a long time and the fact that the old furnace just died 2 weeks ago helped make the decision to finish the project. Thank you to Lloyd Darknell for installing the new power for the air conditioner.

I was talking to Pastor Rich who retired in November this week and mentioned the new air conditioning and he said "of course the new office air conditioning goes in as soon as I leave".