Kyle & Katrina Williams
Missionaries in Congo
April 2016

Dear Friends,

Since our last update we have become more accustomed to the French life and language. What a few months ago seemed like an impossible task has now become common place. We are navigating teacher/parent conferences, doctor and dentist appointments and the usual travel with so much more ease.

Language goes beyond just the audible sounds being heard. Facial expressions and body position are greatly important so talking on the phone is quite hard. More and more we are able to grasp the language without all the extra need of assumptions based on these visual tells. Just today I (Kyle) worked up the courage to make a phone call entirely in French. For us, all these seemingly small victories are proof of your prayers.

We continue to stretch toward this goal of answering God's prompting to work and love with the Congolese. So many exciting things are happening in Kikongo. The University continues to grow presenting good problems, like the need for a women's dorm. The most recent report from the leadership in Kikongo is that next year we will have more students than we know what to do with.

None of this could be happening without so many of you sacrificing your finances and giving of your time in prayer, and for this we are eternally grateful. Thank you to each of you who give, and who pray, and who are following this story of a family who believes that when we work together a better world can be built.

Your co-workers in Christ,

Kyle & Katrina Williams