Margareth Valui
Family Life Minister
May 2016

The KIDZ learned about, "An Angel Frees Peter From Jail," on one of the Sundays in April. Now, as a parent or an adult, what would your response be if your KIDZ come and asked whether angels exist? Or do they respond, "I don't know," when you asked them what they learn at church? You can change the scenario by saying, "I heard that you learned about angels." These are conversations you can have in the car-ride back from church or at the dinner table.

The Parent Connection Group will meet as a Life Group on Sunday's @ 9:15-10:00am, starting June 5, while the kids are in Sunday School with our wonderful Sunday School teachers. This will be a support group, where we share the journey of faith and parenting. We will pray together. We will also discuss about the lessons the kids are learning, so that we can equip them in better understanding the Bible and life. If there is one valuable thing you learn during the week, won't it be to nurture your children, your most important possession. We have said time and time again that your most important mission field is your children and your family. Parents can be the most visible connection between faith and life for a child. 

Here are the Faith-Weaver lessons for May

May 1Lydia is Converted.
Acts 16:9-15
May 8Paul's Jailers Believes in Jesus.
Acts 16:16-34
May 15Paul Describes Living by God's Spirit.
Romans 8:9-17
May 22Pail Describes Genuine Love.
1 Corinthian 13:1-13