Margareth Valui
Family Life Minister
June 2016

Arnold Van Gennep's book "The Rites of Passage"' is "an illuminating look at how humans move through life, marking our key turning points with events, or rituals. Van Gennep notes these life rituals all share an underlying form, consisting of a tripartite process of separation, transition, and incorporation, and he demonstrates his theory again and again through close analysis of hundreds of rituals across cultures geographically and temporally" (Abner Rosenweig). We see this celebration of milestone as the young 12 year old Jesus was brought to the temple for the first time at the Festival of Passover according to the Jewish custom (Luke 2:41). This was the first time where Jesus debated with the religious leaders.

Separation can be challenging for some people, while others just weave through transition smoothly. We can make transition easy for all those who are going through life's rites of passage. There is power when incorporation happens, especially where encouragement is present. We can all choose to be encouragers!

At Santa Clara First Baptist Church we are going to see some dear ones transition from Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High school to Adulthood. Growth is a good thing! We want to celebrate these milestones as a church, the body of Christ. We also want to express our gratitude to our 50+ children and youth volunteers! Come join the celebration on Sunday, June 5 during the worship service followed by Sunday grill.