Jerri Cooper
July 2016

Library Corner

We're now using "identity" stickers on our special-theme DVDs! The idea is to make it easier for you to locate the type of DVD that interests you the most. The new "identity" stickers are located at the bottom of the DVD spine. Below are descriptions of the four special stickers currently in use:

  • A Christmas tree symbol means it's a Christmas-themed DVD
  • A laughing face means it's a Humor/Comedian DVD
  • A football, basketball & baseball sticker indicates a Sports DVD
  • Colorful Easter eggs identify Easter-themed DVDs

The DVDs and audio CDs are also color-coded to indicate the kind of entertainment they feature. Within each color-coded section, the DVDs & CDs appear in alphabetical order, too. The colors listed below identify the type of DVD or Audio CD in that section on the shelves:

  • White Labels ~ Christian DVD movies  
  • Yellow Labels ~ Documentaries and/or book studies on DVD
  • Green Labels ~ Cartoon-type Christian DVD movies for kids 
  • Pink Labels ~ Audio CD stories and/or book studies 

Yes, there are a few more projects to be done before we officially open.

  • A new counter top, doors and drawers for the storage cabinets
  • New chairs for the round table in the reading room

SCFBC Library Online Database & LibraryWorld Search for iPhone: I hope you are having success using both the on-line SCFBC Library Look-Up feature, and the LibraryWorld Search for iPhone app. You can access the SCFBC Library Look-Up database from the website. First, click on Library [in the RESOURCES list]. Then, on the next screen you see, click on the “Search here!” box. If you know the name of the book you're searching for - or it’s author - enter it in the gray-rimmed box at the top of the page. Finally, click on the blue search box [it contains the symbol of a magnifying glass] to see if the book you want to borrow is available in the SCFBC Library.