Margareth Valui
Family Life Minister
July 2016

We have been tuning things up a bit for summer. Children in the KID Zone have been learning Bible stories and sport stories while also doing soccer drills. In addition, they are singing two new Mega songs and learning a Mega verse, which they will present as their offering on August 7 during worship service. While Mega Sports Camp happens during Children's Church, our amazing first hour team of teachers will continue to follow the Faithweaver Sunday School Curriculum. Your KIDZ are learning and absorbing a lot of things at the Kid Zone this summer!

One of the pros of having a sports curriculum is that kids are moving more, learning to follow sports rules and working together as a team. These are life lessons you can follow up on at home. We will have two more weeks of soccer and then start playing basketball on July 17. We will also have cheerleading drills available for kids who do not want to play soccer or basketball! We are having a very active summer!

If you want out to find out what the kids are learning, so that you can continue the faith conversation in your family life, the Parent Connection Group might be a good support group for you. We have been having conversations about instilling values (based on the disciple Peter's and football player Michael Oher's stories) in our kids, and finding them spaces where they belong. These conversations have led us to topics like disciplining, issues our kids face, screen time, summer schedules, and much more. I am blessed to be in this group as I share and learn from other parents who are on the same journey. I would strongly suggest that you become connected to one of the three Parents' Support Life Groups that are available during the summer. 

For more information about parents' group and other summer Life Groups, check out

Young adults active in SCFBC ministries

We are fortunate to have a a good number of young adults at SCFBC, and we have been able to select four to help in the KID Zone and in the Worship ministry. This has been especially helpful because some of our regular volunteers often go away for a few weeks during the summer. I am privileged to be able to disciple these young adults and encourage them to serve in both our KIDZ ministry and other ministries in the church. The young adults are learning how to lead with assurance and humility - like Jesus! Remember Jesus upending the money changers table in the temple and washing the disciples' feet? (John 13 & Matthew 7). Well, serving sometimes comes in the form of simply chopping salad!