Connection Team
July 2016

What is the Fellowship Fund?

Many people want to help those in great need, and especially those who have experienced a situation that leaves them without the resources to pay their bills. The church receives “worthy cause" appeals like these daily—sometimes hourly.

We read in Acts 2:44-45 that members of the early Christian church helped others in need. In that same spirit, SCFBC has a Fellowship Fund to take care of those in our congregation—and sometimes those outside it—who face critical financial problems. The money to solve these problems comes from your gifts made directly to the fund, rather than from general offerings. If you would like to contribute—over and above your general giving—to those who are in immediate need of financial help, simply add the notation “Fellowship Fund” on your regular giving envelope.

Examples of how the Fellowship Fund assists others

Members of our congregation have made this fund possible for several years, helping others with emergency food and housing needs—rent, apartment deposits, utility payments, etc. Car insurance issues are another worthy cause among the many common needs that the Fellowship Fund supports. Several members of our congregation also recognized the need to provide professional counseling services, and have made very generous donations to fund them. If this is a need where you would like to share your hard-earned money, you can donate by writing “Fellowship Fund: Counseling” on your giving envelope. 

The Fellowship Fund also supports the SCFBC Food Pantry, which supplies non-perishable food to the needy. We can thank Jerri Cooper, Margarite Lee and Jeanne Hoffman for maintaining the “Food Pantry,” by purchasing food and making grocery bags of food available through the church office. The Food Pantry always appreciates food donations, including the following non-perishable (not expired) items: cans of tuna, vegetables, beans, spaghetti sauce, and soups, as well as bags or boxes of pasta, rice, crackers and cereal.  

A time of need

Because there have been so many special requests for help from members of the congregation over the past year, assets in the Fellowship Fund funds are currently quite limited. So your financial support would be a great help to those now in need.

The Fellowship Fund is overseen by the Connection Team, with the input and oversight of our pastors. If you have any question about this ministry, or would like to contribute, you can call Jerri Cooper 408-241-7635 or e-mail her at