Margareth Valui
Family Life Minister
August 2016

Christian education flourishes when we let the child lead the curriculum. Children like to play. I wanted the KIDZ to have fun at church, and just let them be themselves...which is to be playful and happy. Plus, it's summer! The Mega-Sports Camp Curriculum caught my attention because it was going to let the KIDZ play while learning about the Bible and the Sport Story. 

At Mega-Sports Camp, KIDZ are not just playing the typical fun games, but are actually learning real sports' moves! They are also learning to listen to their coaches and to follow sports rules. Plus, they are learning to play together as a team. Kids are not only playing real sports, but they are learning to pause at the Snacks Zone. It is amazing to watch and listen to them having a conversation with the Huddle Coaches, connecting the Bible Story with the Sport Story, and further applying those stories to their own lives. Faith and Fun in Action!


Kidz Performance!

During church on Sunday, August 7, the KIDZ will be singing the songs and doing the cheer moves they have been learning.