Sharon Cintas
August 2016

We’re taking Jesus to the park! In the Great Commission, Jesus calls us to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” so on Sunday, August 28 we are going to leave the church campus and go to the Pavilion in Santa Clara's Central Park. Worship in the Park is one of our largest outreach events of the year.

We will gather at 10:30am for music, worship, great food and games for all ages. The theme for this year is The Greatness of God. People outside of the church need to hear about God, His love, grace and compassion. They also need to hear about how life can have purpose, meaning and hope, and that these are all available to them in Jesus. In order to do this, we need to bring the Gospel to the people where they are.

What is my part?

Each of you will receive 3 invitation cards, and we ask you to pray and ask God who in your life needs to get one of these invitations. We encourage you to bring your friends, family and co-workers with you to the park, and to be praying that their hearts will be open to receiving God's Word.

We are not meeting on the church campus that Sunday as we will be worshipping out in the open and proclaiming the Gospel to the world as we are commanded.


10:30am – Gather/Worship Service

12:30pm – BBQ Lunch (optional donation)

1:00pm – Hang out/Games for all ages