Jerri Cooper
September 2016

The 2016 Global Leadership Summit materials are now available in the Lobby Book Nook for checking out. We haven’t received two new books yet: The Culture Gap or Mother and Child, and the 2016 Summit DVD will not arrive until late October. We certainly hope you will enjoy the many DVDs that we do have.

We recently received the companion DVD documentary to the book Half the Sky, by the husband and wife team of Nicolas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Both the book and the DVD are also in the Lobby Book Nook. In this book and DVD it is heart-wrenching to learn about the atrocities that happen worldwide to women and young girls. We need to be aware of these things for the sake of our sons and daughters, and their future families - even when we don’t want to know about these terrible problems. Knowing also means that we really have to make a choice between justice and injustice. Just remember that atrocities do not just happen "there," but that they also happen all over the world, and even in our "Backyard." 

The Christian music CDs are back on the shelves - in alphabetical order in their plastic shoe boxes. Yeahhhhh! These music CDs were the second-to-last “bowl of proverbial spaghetti” (i.e., mess) that we needed to untangle after the move to the new library. Now there are only two more unfinished sections of CDs and DVDs to organize: the Global Leadership Summit DVDs (blue labels) and the audio CDs (pink labels). We are working on them weekly and hope to have them all cataloged very soon.

Thank you to Lynn Cooley for his suggestion years ago about upgrading the DVD database with a description of each of the DVDs so you can get an idea of what the DVD is about. Peggy Shalloe tackled that task and just recently finished it. Thank you Peggy.

LibraryWorld Search for iPhone: I hope you are having success using the on-line SCFBC Library look-up or the LibraryWorld Search for iPhone app. You can access the SCFBC Library database from the website. Click on the "Church Library" block; then, on the next screen, click on the “Search Here” block. If you know the name of the book or its author you can enter it into the blue-rimmed box, and then click on the blue box to see if the book is available in the SCFBC Library.