Jerry Cintas
Facility Director
November 2016

Sanctuary Parking Lot Beautification

We have finally completed some long-needed projects in the sanctuary parking lot. The star jasmine in the planters in front of the office have been removed and new drought-tolerant grass has been installed with sprinklers and a weather-intelligent sprinkler timer. A new white birch tree has been planted in the center island to match the existing trees. The new grass area will increase the accessibility of the side classrooms and office, provide a cleaner look, and allow more space for Bethlehem marketplace booths and a wider exit path for our Bethlehem guests.

Parking Lot Lights

We have also installed new parking lot lights. Of the existing five lights only three were working and the coverage was poor, so we demolished the old parking lot stands by the office and drilled new footings. Thanks to Mark McGaffee and Mike Depew's nephew Frank for pouring the concrete. My uncle Dale came out and drilled the holes for free, which was a big savings. We also added a new light nearer to the entrance of the church to provide better lighting in front of the church. LED lights were used to cut our power usage in half and the new stands now match the color scheme of the church.

Other Projects

We are still working on the Conference Room, which is very close to being done in Rooms 31 and 32. Also the children's Sunday School and Craft Rooms have been repainted by Jun Lagmay, and we are getting ready to order new chairs and tables for that room. The Youth Room is still a work in progress.