Jerri Cooper
November 2016

Library Corner

Thanksgiving: As you know, November is traditionally a time of giving thanks in the United States. The Pilgrims were thankful for having lived through their journey to the new continent, and the people who survived were thankful for the Indians' help in learning how to grow and harvest food. The Pilgrims celebrated at this time of year by being thankful to God for being alive.

We hope you'll celebrate this Thanksgiving season with the SCFBC Library team, giving thanks for Miss Beulah Berry. She was born in 1900, and left to be with the Lord in January 1982. According to her memorial service brochure, her life centered around doing the Lord’s work, and she gave generously, both financially and of her time. She was a Santa Clara elementary teacher for 40 years and served the Lord for many years here at Santa Clara First Baptist Church.

We are grateful for her generous contribution for the establishment of the SCFBC Library. And we also want to say “Thank you” to the many people who have volunteered hundreds of hours over many years to organize the library collection.

With good stewardship of the funds Miss Berry donated, knowing they were designated for a library, we were able to share those blessings when the Deacon Board voted to dedicate some of those funds and books to the school that SCFBC helped build in Limon, Costa Rica. Many of us on various mission trips have had the privilege to be “hands on” building the school and organizing the books in it.

So we give thanks to God for you, Miss Beulah Berry, for thinking ahead and leaving a legacy that will continue to benefit many people in the future. That’s why the library's full name is the Santa Clara First Baptist Church - Beulah Berry Library.

LibraryWorld Search for iPhone:  I hope you are having success in using the on-line SCFBC Library look-up or the LibraryWorld Search for iPhone app. You can access the SCFBC Library database from the website. First, click on the Library block. Then, on the next screen you see, click on the “Search Here” block. If you know the name of the book you're looking for - or it’s author - you can enter it into the blue-rimmed box and click on the blue box to see if it is available in the SCFBC Library.