Wungreiso Valui
February 2017

PROJECT “X”: 2x1 Body of Christ by 2020

Project “X” is going out with the blessing “Be fruitful and multiply." 
Project “X” is running on “I will bless, I will multiply."
Project “X” is fulfilling “Make disciples of all nations."
Project “X” 2x1 is planting two new churches by 2020.

The Genesis of Project “X” is rooted in the “First Blessing” - Be fruitful and multiply and the “Great Commission” - Go and make disciples of all nations.

From the beginning God blessed His people to be fruitful and multiply. The blessing and command to Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:28) was repeated to Noah after the flood (Genesis 8:17, 9:1).

God’s intent for His people did not change with time and events. His First Blessing was spoken as a promise to Abraham - I will bless, I will multiply (Genesis 17:2, 22:7). God also vowed His promise to Jacob, the son of Abraham (Genesis 35:11).

The original intent of God for the first family in the Old Testament - “Be fruitful and multiply” - is evident in the Great Commission of Jesus - "Make disciples of all nations."