March 2017

SHAPE Summit 2017

The SHAPE Summit was held on campus on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The summit began in the morning with a time of worship and ended later that afternoon, after a great day of fellowship and learning, with a Circle of Prayer and Praises in the sanctuary. Last year, the summit was focused on the gifts and tools God gave us for ministry. This year focused on where SCFBC is going and how we can use our gifts to move the church toward reaching those goals together.

One of our workshop facilitators, Joel Robinson, shared that, “In the SHAPE class, we had a great discussion on working with different personalities. God made each of us unique and we need to have all of us working together to accomplish His work. There are going to be times when working with each other is hard, because each of us approaches problems and situations differently. Those differences can be trying, or they can make us stronger, but overall those differences will help us accomplish a wider range of tasks.”

Several comments shared by participants about what they learned included: “Our great God continues to stretch me no matter how ancient I become.” “I need to be more intentional and committed to the areas God has currently given me.” “Be more tolerant of various personalities.” “Servant leadership class was A++.” “I learned of Jesus’ character and I want to serve God in this family.” “How to control my anger.” “Do a few things well.” “Improve my relationships with others." "The mission of the church and how I can help.” “We had a great time catching up and praying.” These comments reflect the amazing heart-work the Holy Spirit was doing in people’s thoughts and attitudes that day.

Overall, people felt that they discovered something new about themselves and got to know someone better that day. It was great gathering members of the church family together, getting to meet new people, deepening friendships, and learning about Kingdom work. We also learned about Vision 20/20 and the 2017 goals for the church. People were excited to figure out and pray about where they fit in these missions. A group of people also stood up at the end of the summit to recommit their lives to serving God. What a great day the Lord provided to uniquely bless each participant and help each person continue to be a blessing to others! God is good!