Youth Staff
March 2017

In February, Jonathan Fung joined us to teach a series on Identity. We were challenged to find our identity in Christ rather than in things of the world. It was awesome to see this series bring two youths to make a decision to follow Christ. Elijah Porter and Damien Skaggs were bold and made decisions to have their identity in Christ. Congratulations!!

Also in February, we had our 2nd annual "Chopped Challenge." We were challenged to create dishes with mysterious ingredients. Interesting appetizers, main dishes, and desserts were created, and the mentors served as the judges for each round. The creativity of the youth was definitely on display, and fun was had by all.

This month we are starting a series revolving around the "Compassion Walk" that will occur on Saturday, March 25th. All youth are encouraged to register online, and to raise money for this event. More information can be found here:

Youth Mentors: Mark, Kirsten, Andrew, Mary, Matt, Kim, Max, and Danijela

Upcoming Events
Friday, March 10:  Mystery Night
Saturday, March 25:  Compassion Walk - from 9:30AM to 11:30AM

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