Nicole Wiesen
Board Member
April 2017

Greetings from the Board! 

Through these "Celebrate!" articles, we strive to keep you better connected to, and informed about, what the Board does throughout the year at SCFBC. Spring has officially begun and a new season of life is upon us. Spiritually speaking, the meaning of spring can bring to mind a fresh start, a new life, and a revival of our hearts, minds and souls for Christ.

The Board has been focusing on making sure the church is moving forward by keeping our eyes on Christ. We are doing this by having our staff and board members pray together, as well as through individual spiritual growth and personal accountability.

In 2013, SCFBC developed its “Guiding Principles,” which form the groundwork for how the church operates, and defines what our values are. These Guiding Principles include three main categories: Ministry Principles, Boundary Principles, and Accountability Principles. You can read the entire Guiding Principles document on the church website. You'll find the document in the "Bylaws" section under the "Resources" heading at the top of the main landing page.  We encourage all members to become familiar with the principles, which guide the church in its mission. 

For example, under “Accountability Principles,” you will find what principles all Board members have committed themselves to follow: “Board members will be committed to the accomplishment of the mission, vision, and goals of the church.” This involves abiding by the personal commitments of:

  1. Maintaining a close walk with the Lord by regularly spending time in His Word and in prayer.
  2. Committing to pray regularly for the congregation, the staff and board members, and for the mission and ministry of the church.
  3. Giving at least ten percent of our income towards the work of the church.
  4. Serving in a ministry other than board service.
  5. Avoiding conflicts of interests in personal, family, financial, employment, or business matters.

In this new season of spring, we thankfully can look to Christ as our role model and source of spiritual growth. We hope you will be encouraged and challenged to trust in God, and experience how He can make us fruitful as the Body of Christ and as individuals. How is the Holy Spirit leading you to move this season? In what areas of your life do you want renewal and refreshment? Let’s consider how we can take small steps to trust God more each day, and love Him more because He first loved us.


Nicole Wiesen