Library Team
April 2017

What Do You Think About the New Library?

We have experienced a decrease in the use of the SCFBC Library this year. What do you think the reason for the decline might be? Are you using the library and checking out Christian books or media - CDs, DVDs and audiobooks - to share with your family? Have you visited the new library, located in Rooms 19 and 20? I hope you have, because Sharon and Jerry Cintas have done a wonderful job remodeling it. And the Library Team, which meets each week on Wednesday mornings, is doing a great job keeping the library organized, adding new resources, and removing outdated materials.

You'll find it very easy to visit the library this summer during the Sunday Grill, because the doors will be open every Sunday - from after the worship service until all the food is gone! 

If you have used the new library, would you please consider answering the questions below, add any additional comments, and send your reply to  We look forward to hearing your ideas!

1. Are you aware that the SCFBC Library has over 4,700 resources available for you to check out - for free? These resources include children's books and media, fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, Life Group materials, and lots of DVDs, CDs and audiobooks. There are also many special books on Leadership. These were recommended to us at the annual Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summits. 

2. Is access to the SCFBC Library resources convenient, including the materials in the Book Nook located in the church lobby? We add new books and new media to the Book Nook every month.

3. Do you know how to check out books, or do you need more information on how to do that?

4. Is the library's collection of books, reference items, CDs/DVDs, audiobooks, and Life Group materials helpful to you? What other resources would you like the library to offer? 

5. What information would you like to see us present in this Library Corner section of the newsletter?

6. What would YOU do to provide even better service? We hope we're serving you well, and 
 and we'd like to hear your suggestions!

Thank you for helping us make the SCFBC library better!