Wungreiso Valui
Senior Pastor
May 2017

Are you waiting for a GameChanger? Many leaders have had a great impact that turned the world upside down. These leaders who changed the history of the world were ordinary people. What was their GameChanger? Resurrection! In this article I want to draw your attention to the ministry of Jesus after His resurrection. For forty days (Yes, 40 days), Jesus the Resurrected Lord ministered to the disciples. I pray this truth will transform your life.

The 40 Days Ministry

The 40 days ministry of Jesus can be a game-changing blueprint for you.

Face Your Pain

Jesus ministered to Mary Magdalene to deal with her pain. She was weeping when she found the tomb empty. It had been a traumatic three days for her, and not just for her but also for the disciples of Jesus. The disciples were shocked, stunned and scared. Their dreams (whatever they were) were shattered. Their hopes were gone. In despair, they wept and mourned the loss of their master. Jesus had to deal with the sorrow, sadness and pain of His disciples. He started with Mary. Most of us don't know how to deal with sadness, pain and sorrow. We don't know what to do with difficult emotions. This will be my first sermon of The GameChanger SeriesMay 7: Facing Sadness And Pain.

Face Your Fear

Jesus ministered to the disciples to deal with their fears. The disciples literally hid for fear of the Jews. They were afraid, they shut the door and corralled themselves from the outside world. Fear had crippled the disciples. Their faith and hope were swallowed by fear. We have to face our fears to overcome them. Jesus dealt with the fears of the disciples. Most of us avoid dealing with our fears, but want to move forward. You cannot move forward without dealing with your fear. This will be my second sermon of The GameChanger Series. May 14: Facing Your Fear.

Face Your Doubt

Jesus ministered to His disciples and dealt with the doubt of Thomas. Doubt is an obstacle to moving forward. Doubt can destroy the body, mind, soul and spirit. Doubt can cause failure and underachievement. When doubt rules your life, you will never fully achieve your full potential. Jesus had to deal with doubt, for it is directly opposed to His teaching to live by faith. This will be my third sermon of The GameChanger Series. May 21: Facing Your Doubt.

Face Your Failure

Jesus ministered to His disciples and dealt with the failure of Peter. Failure causes shame. Concealed shame is a dangerous emotion. Shame is self-denigrating and diminishing. The negative emotion causes anxiety, anger, insecurity and can cause us to express contempt toward others. The most damage we can inflict on ourselves is to live in shame. It is equally damaging to shame others. Jesus had to deal with Peter's failure and shame.This will be my fourth sermon of The GameChanger Series. May 21: Facing Your Failure.