Redwood Glen Staff
May 2017

Water Update 

The Redwood Glen water project is about 90% completed. The summit is in sight, even though the last 10% of the climb may be steep going. 

We are still in business! The California State Water Board is allowing us to haul in water, and San Mateo County continues to let us operate as we work at a fevered pace to get the new water system up and running. As soon as we are given the green light to build, our contractor, Total-Western, Inc., will begin construction. The Community Credit Union has approved our loan, and we are just waiting for the title company to give us the thumbs up. In the meantime, we are working with our local electrician and plumber on the plans that we must submit to the county for a permit to build the water plant. 

We have hauled 3,000 feet of pipe up the hill to reconnect to Piney Creek and to divert water from the Hoffman Creek line. While new recruits of the American Red Cross were at Redwood Glen to do some training, they volunteered to haul the first 1,000 feet of pipe up the hill. Then, on Saturday, April 1, a group of volunteers from some of our supporting churches hauled the other 2,000 feet. Next, we will weld the six 500-foot lengths together.  

Our engineering consultants and project manager, SRT, has completed the technical drawings and submitted them to the State Water Board for approval. Once the board approves the drawings we will be ready to begin the final phase of putting everything together. We expect that Redwood Glen will be running its own water through the entire camp before the end of May. 

Yes, right now we are still paying 15 cents per gallon for water, which totals $10,000 to $15,000 per month. But we are making it through these tough times. Staff is at a bare-bones level, we've had to cut back on some projects, and we go completely without in some cases. But we are survivors. Once the loan comes through (which includes money for building the water facility and paying off the current mortgage balloon payment), we'll be able to breathe a bit easier. 

You have been fantastic in your support as we battle through this water crisis. Redwood Glen has received over $360,000 in financial support. And when we needed workers, volunteers showed up. You have been there for us. When it looked the bleakest, you encouraged us. 

And even though there is still much to be done in a very short time, our Water Team of Chad Plantenberg, Andrew Gonsalves, Ronald Gonsalves, Wyman Chin, CJ Bohlen, and Mike Greene are working together so that Redwood Glen - as we prepare for next year's 60th anniversary - will be ministering to campers, young and old, for 60 more years.

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