June 2017

Everyone loves a dramatic testimony. You know, a person was living a life of crime or wallowing in steamy sin, but by God’s grace repented and became a follower of Jesus. No doubt about it, that’s a lovely thing. However, many believers dismiss their own story as “boring” rather than a beautiful trek toward maturity. Are people intimidated by the extraordinary testimonies of others today (often presented in a multimedia format)?

Have we unintentionally surrounded baptism with too much hype, and made it into something that it isn’t supposed to be? Society has done this with weddings. Two people come before God and bear witness to commit their lives to each other. But weddings have become a billion-dollar industry, and people agonize about having the elusive, “perfect” wedding.

Spotlight on the beginning of a new life

Sometimes, in our effort to celebrate something, we dilute its meaning. In the New Testament, baptism is linked to the moment when someone first trusts in God: They “believed and were baptized."

When we attach pomp and circumstance to baptism, some feel as though they cannot possibly achieve the “perfect” baptism experience. Others, who long ago accepted Jesus as Savior and committed themselves to follow Him, avoid being baptized because they "aren't quite ready yet."

Take the plunge (or dive back in!)

If you've chosen to follow Jesus and haven’t been baptized, do it! Do it for Him, not anyone else. If you have been baptized, but find that you have wandered away from truly following Jesus, then turn around and come back! Jesus wants you back, and He’s waiting with open arms. Just as you began your life as a Christian with a decision, you must make more decisions along the way. Rededicating your life to Christ can feel even more meaningful than choosing to follow Him in the first place!  If you have questions you can contact Pastor Valui at