Wungreiso Valui
Sr. Pastor
December 2017

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas? One of the most favorite things about Christmas is the music. The Christmas carols, hymns, and music on the airwaves, social media, television and movies announce the arrival of the most festive and joyful season of friendship and love of family. The Christmas music has been there for you through the years. The sound of the music evokes childish excitement and anticipation. This burst of excitement makes us burst into song.


The first Christmas hymns were heavenly inspired. Elizabeth, the barren woman who was well advanced in years, was righteous and blameless before God, but she and her husband Zacharias had no child. Mary the mother of Jesus went to visit Elizabeth. When Elizabeth saw Mary she was filled with the Holy Spirit and burst into a song. I believe there is a "New Song" waiting to break out in all of us. The "Miracle Anthem" is a five-song sermon series. The five heavenly-inspired songs may just be the songs that will inspire you to burst into your own new song.


Silence, with no word for 400 years. The silence became loud and deafening, and people began to yearn and long for a word. Then God spoke and a song broke the silence. Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, goodwill to humankind is the quintessential Christmas anthem. Christ came when Romans were the lords of the world as it experienced Pax Romana. Jesus came as the Lord in the Highest – the perfect alternative to Roman rule and peace. The Roman peace came at the cost of oppressing and subjugating the Jews and other nation-states.


God spoke to a barren woman and she broke the silence with a song – a song that restored shattered hopes and dreams. God spoke to a young ordinary virgin, a teenager, and she broke the silence with a song proclaiming that the long-awaited hero, the Messiah, had come. God spoke to an old priest – Zacharias – and he broke the silence, literally, with a song that his son – John the Baptist – would prepare the way for the Lord. God also spoke to an ordinary old man Simeon and he broke into a song proclaiming that his eyes had seen salvation and that he was ready. God spoke to common shepherds and the Angels broke the silence with a heavenly anthem declaring peace on earth and goodwill towards humankind. This Christmas may God speak to you and that you will break out with a new song. I believe there is a new song in you ready to break out to redeem shattered hopes and dreams. Ready for your break-out song? The five songs series – MIRACLE ANTHEM – is just for you.