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Courtyard Capital Campaign

Vision: We are a house of prayer for all nations, and of all nations. "commUNITY park" is the place where these nations gather together to fellowship, eat, play, and grow.

Goal: To raise the funds to construct a multi-use park in the courtyard of SCFBC where the existing playground is.

Victory Goal - $400,000
The amount necessary for the construction of the facilities within the courtyard

Challenge Goal - $500,000
In addition to the above, renovate the entry from the courtyard to the Fellowship Hall

Miracle Goal - $800,000
In addition to the above, establish a pro-active roof and facilities maintenance fund

Our goal is to open the park in the summer of 2020. Estimated time to completion is three months after breaking ground. Given the complexity of the project, a contractor will be hired to oversee construction, which requires us to have all necessary funding before construction begins. Pledges for future donations will allow the church to borrow from its own internal account (the Clevenger Fund) without interest. Money donated to the Capital Campaign can legally only be used for the above projects; once the project is fully funded, construction will begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


MY COMMITMENT $ one time gift in 2019
$ monthly for 1 year 2 years
$ yearly for 1 year 2 years


What does the park look like?
Click here to view a proposed site map of the park and the playground structure

What is the best way to give towards the campaign?
Checks payable to SCFBC with memo Park is the best method. You can mail the check to the church at 3111 Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051 or place in a giving envelope in the sanctuary chair seat backs and place in the offering plate during a Sunday morning service.

You may also give via Credit Card by using our GivingFire account which is located here

When do I start giving?
If you are giving Monthly, we are collecting funds starting October 1st, 2019. A one time gift can be given anytime, but preferably in 2019. Yearly gifts can be given at anytime. The campaign is set to end at the end of September 2021.

What happens to my donation if the project is not fully funded?
Money donated for the park can legally only be used for the park. When sufficient funds are raised the money will be used for this purpose alone.

Does the church need all the money up-front?
In order for the contractor to start construction, we must have the necessary funding to complete the project before the contractor is hired.

If you need the money up-front, what is the purpose of pledges for future donations?
Pledges for future donations will allow the church to borrow from the Clevenger fund, an internal account of money the church already has which we can borrow from with no interest, but needs to be paid back.

When will the park be built?
The goal is to start construction in February 2020 and open the summer of 2020.

How long will the construction take?
Estimated time from breaking ground to completion is three months.

Who will do the work?
Given the complex nature of this project, a contractor will be hired to oversee its construction.